This is the month of pride and the month to be prideful. This is also the month to love yourself, be who you are, and love who you are. The colors of pride are that of a rainbow, but it doesn’t stop there. Each color of the pride flag has a meaning. All of the colors may not be included in the photos, but the meaning is still significant. Red is the color that symbolizes life. The color red is very important, because you only have one life to live. The mandatory goal of your life is to live it to the fullest. The color yellow symbolizes sunlight, and it is very beautiful when paired with the color of life (red). We all live our lives out in the sun, which can be representative of truly being yourself in the world. The LGBTQ community members live their lives in the sunlight bravely and beautifully. The color blue symbolizes harmony and peace, which is the core of the LGBTQ community and should be the core of every person's existence. To live in these conditions is to mimic utopia. Finally, green symbolizes nature. It’s human nature to be attracted to one another; it’s the natural flow of the human body to want what it wants. Green is the most beautiful color to me, because it embraces who we are under all of the facades we create.

By Yves Esapa

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