As a child, I hated the concept of confidence or being self-assured. Being self-involved seemed awful and arrogant to me, and anyone that described themselves as confident or self-aware or strong was automatically cocky. I preferred to be unobstructive to everyone, and let my work speak for itself, and any praise for my work would be received with the most humility and deprecation.

As a child, I ignored and hid a lot of stuff. I ignored signs that I liked boys until it became painfully obvious, I ignored my issues with self-esteem and communication, and I’ve hid countless events in my memory.

As I grow, I meet people and find myself in situations that broaden my horizons and provide me with new experiences, and while I find that amazing, I can’t help but feel like I’ve sabotaged myself before.

While writing pieces for this month’s edition, I forced myself to revisit old, buried memories, forgotten and covered due to a sense of denial or just a sense of confusion. I just recently realized that my first crush on a boy was in fifth grade, and I’ve rediscovered people and places I’ve forgotten over time.

June has been a wonderful month, a time of relaxation and celebration as a springboard for the coming summer. As I revisit my memories, I have some advice about being LGBT and being proud that I’ve gained over the years for our readers and my fellow contributors.

Learn Y(our) History: Learning about your history, whether it’s about your ethnic/racial origins, or the history of the world’s feminist movements, is incredibly valuable, it presents you with valuable lessons and interesting information about people similar to you. Queer history, in particular, is incredibly rich and full of love and hope for people of all walks of life. Learning your history connects you to those that are like you, to both your ancestors and descendants.

Talk To Us: Tying hand in hand with learning about your history, connecting with those that share similarities with you helps reinforce and build a stronger community, and allows for you to share your unique experiences and hear stories from others.

Consume and Create Media: In creating and consuming media that your community members have created, ideas are presented and challenged, and the community is reinforced with support. Media created by community members often uses elements from the shared history, and every community has pieces of media that are iconic and integral to their shared history.

Pride is a revolutionary action. Taking pride in yourself, in your community, and your shared history is revolutionary and incredible. Self-sabotage, by downplaying your history and your accomplishments does nothing to help yourself. Take pride in all that you do, and enjoy life.

By Michael Jones

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