Tenderness is something that is usually associated with women, they are soft, and the have to behave, but the ways we use out tenderness is infinite, not only for the world, we are not here for take care of the whole humanity, we have been doing this for centuries, now it’s time to save this tenderness for ourselves, for other women, for the people who care, about us and about others, it’s time to bloom in a garden that we have plant ourselves, we have created a space to be emotionally naked and feel safe at the same time. And this garden is set by friendship, in my case, friendship between women.

With the years I’ve learned that coming out is not a moment, it’s almost a style of life, every time you think you are comfortable you have to do it again, and again, and again, and expect that people will remain there, and I don’t know any other form of being naked more painful and powerful than that. Every time I have done it I know that my friend will be there, watering the garden even if I begin to shrivel. I proud of who I am, and I’m proud of the things I’ve done, the tenderness that I used to refuse is now a gift for me.

In this photos there are some of my friends, being tender, being themselves, in a garden, surrounded by flowers and pastel colors. This is the image that comes to my head when I think about female friendship, because wlw can be tender between them too, we need tenderness and gardens, we need blooming in pride.

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