The Forbidden

There are so many ways to silence people, not only the official, public ways. I'm not afraid of the politician who sends hate in his speech, although I despise him, I’m terrified of the other one who says that everyone has the same rights, to live, to love, to be themselves, the ones who are in charge of the biggest companies, the ones who owns or leisure, and decides to sells it to anyone who can fill her pockets so when they walk they wouldn’t hear the people complaining because they have no space, they have a voice but cannot found a way to be heard. The owners of the world like big walls and silence, they love people who is happy with the things they have, even these are fewer every time.

In pride month, we stand up and raise our voice, we have been collecting brushes during this silence to paint all those walls with rainbows, with the “we exist” message, we haven’t forgot who we are, what our voice sounds like, we are talking louder than ever.

In this photos I tried to report the censure that LGBT content has suffered in social media, tagged as pornographic content or sensible for children. Also I tried to capture the sexualization that girls relationships suffer, as a thing that I have experienced myself. I’ve tried to recreate a relationship between two women, the daily things, the romantic things, and the ordinary things, that are sexualized by the male gaze, due to the objectification of these relationships in porn.

By Alba Pérez

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