Heart Eyes

This is a small collection of 35mm film photos taken around the world over the past few months. 

The first two images, I created designs with pearls and shot with Lucinda. I was able to capture how diverse the material can be when used in nontraditional ways. I shot the third image of Alex in my backyard just before sunset. I wanted to test a new technique with soft focusing to shoot him in a natural state. The fourth image is of Irie, my beautiful friend I met online. We bonded over months of talking and I was fortunate enough to fly over to America and spend a week with her. I am so thankful to know her and to have shot her. The fifth and sixth images are of Umi, a very talented artist I discovered from a suggested playlist. I was lucky to get into contact with her and shoot freely in a field in Los Angeles. 

By Georgia Seizis

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