Take Up Space

My name is Son Taylor, and I am a Baltimore based film photographer. This photo series “Take Up Space” has been an ongoing project I have been working on. It is a series on 35mm film that exclusively celebrates and highlights the beauty of women of color. I created this series in order to empower and inspire all women of color. As someone who is a queer Korean-American woman, I am driven to create art that speaks to what I wish to see in the world. This photo series came out of a lack of representation of women of color. I hope my photography can help normalize seeing women of color as models, and destroy the idea that white is the default. Social media and advertisements send thousands of unconscious messages to us every day about beauty and femininity, and someone may not even notice that their entire Instagram feed is exclusively photos of white women or a company only uses white models because that is what this industry has always emphasized. I made this series in order to let women of color take up space that is rightfully theirs. 

By Son Taylor

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