The Birth of the Muse

Based on Greek mythology and the Greek god of sun, Apollo.

The project itself is what I called “the infinite hunt for perfection," something that a certain god called Narcissus knows very well. We used the image of the Greek god of sun as inspiration, since he has a beardless, youthful, and athletic appearance. We wanted to represent something that was pure and bright. We also used the nine muses as a representation of femininity and art.

When I start to work with my models, I tell them that no matter what concept they have of themselves, in that moment, when they are in front of my camera, they are the most beautiful being that they can be. I ask them to be themselves, to find inspiration on their personal journeymaybe something they want to tell, or how they want the world to see them.

Creating with this person is one of the greatest joys I have ever had in my life; this was probably our third photoshoot. The story about my best friend (the model) is probably one of the weirdest things that happened last year. He always wanted to be a model, but he also wanted to create with his drawings and portraits. Ever since we met, we have been sharing this amazing bond of creativity and learning from one another. He became my biggest inspiration, but also, one of my muses.

By Ellie Noctis

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