The Zodiac of One

There Is More
Remember, remember, remember.
There. Is. More.

Am I a body with a soul or a soul with a body?

I've sought for the answers outside of myself
But I should've warned her
You'll keep searching endlessly, baby
Onto a boundless abyss
You'll get lost in the desert of the ego
Arrive at the valley of emptiness
Only to realize:
The truths we seek are within.

There. Is. More.
Settle not for this, baby
For this is only the experience
A third-dimensional projection.
Release what society has conditioned in you
That you are miniscule, microscopic
Forbid others to tell you what you are
Remember we are all fragments of the universe.

There. Is. More.
If one singular atom
A particle so infinitesimal, invisible
Through self-manipulation
Bears the ability to generate a flow of ripple effects
Charging the others
Evolving into the planets and stars
Can you imagine, baby?
Imagine how powerful you really are.

There. Is. More.
The ego tells you otherwise
Me, mine, and I
It traps you around an illusion
Entrancing you in an artificial mask
But this is a facade.

There. Is. More.
We leave Mother Earth with nothing
No material possessions
But you’ve left with your experiences, baby!
Your impact on others
Your legacy lives in the memories
The energy you have shared
The love you have radiated.

There. Is. More.
Fish cannot sense the ocean
But they trust it is there
The unseen cannot always be detected
Doubting this.
You'll be afraid of death
Because you don't know how to live
But death is a new beginning
For we are all connected, baby
Transcend beyond this mask
Dive beyond the trenches of your subconscious
You are a fragment of the universe
You are god yourself.

I am not a body with a soul but a soul with a body.

Solar Kisses
Is there a better feeling than staying up all night
To begin to hear the birds chanting outside
For these solar flares emit a certain energy
But I tell the sunlight to send them to me
For the canaries are chirping outside
They always visualize the sunrise
For they cry to celebrate this high
Eloping their spirit and enjoying the ride
Does the sun kiss them on their cheeks?
For they do not possess a perception of time
And they are gentle in their squeaks
For they will keep singing as a formless meditation
Because the sun kisses them on the inside
Being one with nature
For they know she is genuine
As humans, we can learn from them
To hold on to this treasure
And finally appreciate her
Rejoice like the robins
For the sun emits lush kisses
Because your grace is something she misses
Now I fly freely like a bird
For my soul can be finally be heard
Nature’s love has transformed the earth.

You say you love yourself, but loving is easy
So you bury a new excuse every week as to why you won't kiss me
As time slowly bleeds,
You now have pushed me onto a continuous stream
Or did you plan this all along because of your subconscious belief?
That you are not deserving
But you are ever earning and this is killing my nerves and

When I first revealed the true feelings from mines to you felt within my being
Your soul began to see again and
Honesty had washed your tender heart away
For you do not like to communicate
And I cannot help but contemplate
How much longer must I wait and
If I am your most favorite game
Because I cannot recall asking you to marry
And keeping me on edge will not magnetize an Aries

You have started the fire and
Your higher self despises liars
But, baby, I am a riptide and a flame
And we can learn to stop carving the blame
Teach each other to be balanced and tame
For I only entrusted you with a petite part
Of my flaming, maroon heart
I only gave you a sliver and
I am not usually a giver
I did not ask it to be all seized away
Yet now I wait for a few days
Trusting she will be okay
For she knows we will not stay
Like water, my red fluid knows a change of pace
For all she needs is to take a moment to be outside of the head
Realize she is also flesh and blood, not just an infrared and
Relax my love, learn to let go
As this will ensure our essential life flow
To remember you are not your ego and
I will grow another heart today
Because I know how to make them regenerate
You produce more love than what you once gave
For I am an everlasting free soul, babe.

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  1. Happened to stumble upon this poem and all I can say is wow, amazing job. Your words truly spoke to me and made me think.