Alive Again

Alive Again is the embodiment of summertime and rebirth to me. It is a feeling that I believe many experience: being trapped in a never-ending cycle of work, or emotional detachment, on a large or small scale. At the time when these images were taken, I had just been released from something that was adding stress to my life, and it felt like my creative energy and happiness were given back to me. I chose to take these photos on film, in a location with both thriving greens and rocks that represent the death-like state my mind was in before. Using a prism and working with my lens, the images were refracted and given a dreamy mood. This fit perfectly, as, when waking up, one often feels groggy and still shrouded by dreams. In post-processing, I altered the saturation of each photo so it increases with each new image. As the photo set progresses, it symbolizes the awakening and rousing of the soul/mind after a period of grey coldness. Also, the model’s positioning goes from just hands grasping to be freed, to lying down, to sitting up, and lastly, reaching into the sky. I hope this series' viewer feels the sun on their skin, their mind being relinquished; I hope they feel alive again.  

By Anova Hou

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