This series of collages is based on the general attitude of self-betterment. The past year has been filled with growth and expansion for me, and I felt that a combination of raw visuals and quotes would sufficiently describe the atmosphere of change and awakening that is ever-present in my life. 

The piece aesthetically explores three different mindscapes regarding waking up and developing new insights about life. Within each image is the juxtapositioning of various natural environments and human figures. This contrast highlights the constant journey of someone adapting to and growing with their surroundings.

Each image contains various emotions and energies that are very fluid and open to interpretation. Although the quotes are hard to read and somewhat ambiguous, I truly feel that these quotes deeply embody attitudes—even subtle ones—that are important to the concept of change. I really enjoyed experimenting with a new style of collage through this piece. Although the piece is abstract and somewhat vague, the vagueness is pleasant to me because it lends itself to endless possibilities.

By Paloma Williams

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