Blurred Thoughts

For this photoset, I wanted to portray a girl’s inner desires to experiment with something out of her comfort zone, something dark and mysterious that is only done behind closed doors.

In this day and age, many teenagers experiment with different things that aren’t necessarily the best for them, but it's all a part of life, and we learn from our mistakes. This “awakening” inside of the girl, her desires to be different from her usual self, are portrayed in a dark, dreamlike sense, because at the end of the day, she will go back to her normal self, her “reality”.

I was inspired by Petra Collins’ style of work and how she uses soft lighting and light colours to portray a sense of eeriness in her photos, something a lot more darker than what the eye can see. For my photos, however, I decided to make the ‘darkness’ more explicit and have a dimly-lit background to show that the girl’s desires have taken over her. She is seen in some photos wearing a bright yellow floral top to symbolise her innocence and jaded view towards what she is doing, and on top she is wearing a leather jacket to show the edginess of her character, the one she keeps hidden to the world. 

By Syahirah Harun

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