Born Again

I think that we can all say that we have been reborn, whether it’s through baptism or through a recreation of oneself. I have been through something like this; I am reborn and I am new. You know the common saying, “A lot changes in a year”? Well, a lot has changed for me this year. 

I was in a place where everything was just happening. Work, school and my daily schedule took over my life, and at times I felt like I was stagnant and not evolving. During this time, I was able to feel this and also see myself being my routine. I felt that I was not developing or heading in the direction I wanted to. I felt that all I could be was my job. In a way, I lost sight and track of who I wanted to be and why I wanted to be it. I lost my creativity, my eagerness to evolve, and, most importantly, my spark for creativity. 

It didn’t happen in one day, but I have once again awakened. I’ve had a rebirth over a couple of weeks that put me back on track. It was a mix of spirituality and mentality. I am not the same man behind the camera as I was a year ago. I’ve been through a transformation, I have changed, I have redefined my ambition and purpose. Now, if you asked me the question, who am I? I would say something along these lines:

No longer a part of the past 
And a new element of the ever changing future.

Modeled by Gabriella Da Silva
By Yves Esapa

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