This makeup look and photo series are heavily inspired by Renaissance paintings. 

Growing up, my parents never forced religion on me; I've never been baptized, and I can count the times I've been to church on one hand. While some find solace in the idea of religion, I find it polarizing and have made the choice to leave it out of my life. Although most Renaissance paintings contain religious iconography, I am still enthralled by how elegant and delicate they are. It wouldn't come as a shock if I told you most of these paintings were created by male artists. Female artists at the time were creating works of art, but were overlooked by their male counterparts (sound familiar?) 

I wanted to create this makeup look and photo series to depict poise yet strength, beauty yet power in its simplicity. When I hear the word rebirth, I think about myself, not a religious or spiritual ideology. I think about how I (and we all) are ever-changing, constantly growing and learning from the past. And, us women can always learn from the women of the past. The women who were overlooked merely for their sex, the women of the Renaissance: Levina Teerlinc, Sofonisba Anguissol, and Catharina van Hemessen just to name a few. This photo series is a tribute to those women, my version of a Renaissance painting. 

By Parker Halliday

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