Glimmer represents the many of us that do not necessarily identify with a set religion, or even believe in nothing at all. People with these types of views are often seen by others with religious views to not be the greatest. We are seen as lost, needing to be saved, or needing to find the light. But in reality, we find the light within ourselves, our own beliefs, and our own practices. You do not need to identify with a religious group to be a great person and to do good for others and the world.

Believing is an amazing thing all around. It’s great to believe in yourself, as well as other people and a higher power, if that’s what you wish to do. People should never be ashamed for having beliefs or having a different belief from you. Many of us can often feel out of place for these reasons, and to me, this piece showcases that this is perfectly okay. Sometimes you can feel as bad as the devil in someone’s eyes, but it is enough for you to know in your own heart that you are surrounded by greatness and light, no matter what you believe or don’t believe in. You are a great person within yourself, and your different outlooks are part of the amazing person you are.

By Susha Akimova

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