Letter to Myself

A letter written to myself three years ago, at the end of a long depressive episode with a chance to turn around the rest of my teenage years.

Dear Future Self,

Right now, it is the end of your sophomore year of high school. Sadly, all of the expectations you had for this year did not even come close to being met. You did not play varsity tennis or make straight A’s, but look on the bright side: you realized true friends, strengthened current friendships, rekindled old ones, and met new people that have totally changed your life.

Do you remember what it felt like the first week of classes? Art? French? Remember how your started to feel better after being around powerfully positive people? It will go uphill from here! This year was confusing, but you learned a lot. I saw a change in you. You grew up. Found your own style. You started feeling happier after an incredibly long time. But you didn’t do it by yourself: they were all here for you. We need each other to be better people.

You graduated! I thought you would never make it. I hope everything fell into place. High school flew by! Especially while you were stuck inside your crazy head. But I think life slowed down once you learned how to feel calm with unexpected change.

Do you feel different? Is this where you want to be? Probably not.

But don’t be too hard on yourself! As much as you feel alien or like a monster, you are a human who has emotions and makes mistakes sometimes. Never forget that you will never stop learning.

Remember to thank your teachers for shaping you into a better you. They have an important job. Remember to thank your friends, even though they come and go, they have a purpose in your life. You have a purpose in this life.

Never forget that when things go wrong, everything happens for a reason.

By Brigh Johnston
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