Your mind, thoughts, and heart are powerful. You are in charge of all three. Your thoughts will determine what emotions your heart will feel. It is very important that you create a healthy mindset for yourself. A healthy mindset promotes positivity and the ability to believe. Speaking what you want into existence is great, but it is key that you actually BELIEVE.

Your mind is limitless. The laws of attraction relate, because they stand for a positive mind and heart. The laws of attraction promote success within yourself. By believing and knowing that you can control your mind, you are powerful! There's always opportunities to make better days for yourself. It doesn't have to be a big gesture at all. Start by writing in your journalvery cliche, I know, butyou will be able to visually look at the goals you are setting for yourself. Really search for why you may be feeling like you're unworthy or can’t achieve what you can achieve! Is it certain relationships, insecurities, fear, or other reasons?

You should know that love is stronger than hate. Hate destroys and love unites. It’s best to include love in your life; love comes in many forms. Fear only attracts more fear, you must destroy the fear(s) you have! I know a boy who knew positive energy could change the world! 

One person can make a big change. Your thoughts are a certain kind of energy that can either destroy or uplift you and others. Your past doesn’t define who you are today! By believing in yourself, you will evolve in little and big ways every day. It’s very important to know: this journey starts with you! If you don’t at least try, you will continue to carry on through life with a weak mind. Please, believe in yourself. You are capable to overcome your challenges!

Long Live Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy.

Photographer: Somiah Nettles

Model: Daejah Dedrick-Porter

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