Oscar in the Key of D

When I think of the word awakening, I think of the biblical phrase “Here on earth, as in heaven.” I think of heaven’s celestial glory and ethereal essence invading our world. The soft colors in these photos represent that ideathe rainbows, the pink hues, the dreaminess.

The blue in the pictures reflects how blurry our vision of heaven is.  We all have different understandings of it, but it remains unfathomable for those not present there.

Lastly comes the concept of the guitar. This one is more personal. I do believe in God and I’ve always felt that music is the bridge, the transcending thing that takes me beyond my earthly vision and allows me to connect with Him. Music’s essence and power is such that any rendition of the celestial-terrestrial collision would be, in my opinion, incomplete without it. 

By Ines Donfack

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