Persephone: Queen of the Underworld

Persephone: Queen of the Underworld portrays the process of awakening from darkness in a short series of five digital collages. In the first two pieces, the goddess is asleep, but in the third, she finally rises. Despite the fact that the goddess is still in a dark place, she is self-aware and exudes power now that she has risen. Though this transition is depicted literally with the goddess' eyes opening, the use of lines presents this process as a major line changes from horizontal to vertical before and after the third photograph. Meanwhile, the background colors between each collage also indicate change in the process of awakening.

But aside from background colors, color plays a major role in this series because the goddess Persephone rises from black water. This comes from my initial idea for this project, which was to contrast the heavenly connotation of awakening with something darker. Inspired by the soft appearance of photographs of women in milk baths, I created a darker atmosphere that resembles the River Styx by switching the milk bath for black bath bombs. However, the religious imagery of awakening is still present through the use of gold accents and edits of sun rays within the series.

Photos and Collages by Jasmine Flora
Modeled by Alexa Ruiz

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