Prettyboy Acres

This is a series to embody androgynous fashion. Not only has genderless clothing been brought to attention in the mainstream media, but it is something I’ve personally grown interested in. I am currently reading a book that has helped me think more critically of gender, and it is something I wanted to apply to my work. I asked my friend Kaya to model for me because, throughout our entire friendship, they have taught me endlessly about gender. When I asked Kaya their thoughts on the idea of androgynous fashion, and this shoot, they said the following: “I dress for the characters I embody. I’ve come into a confidence that allows me to enjoy the comfort in both frills and utility—a luxe space in between binaries. This most recent character feels swagger in soft pinks, earth tones and white denim. These days, I’m just a cocky prettyboy.”   I have watched Kaya discover more about themselves and grow into the person they truly are, and they helped show me how fashion is such a creative outlet for expression.

Photos by Allison Barr
Modeled by Kaya Noteboom

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