“Epitome“ explores the friction between reality and dreams, and the feeling of being dissociated from both. This series attempts to merge these seemingly incompatible worlds into a new universe, creating moments of tension and contrast. This is achieved through the dissimilarity of the abrasive appearances of the models in comparison to their surrounding environments.

A beach is often viewed as a place of serenity, yet I transformed it into a landscape of apprehension and doubt by drawing a sharp contrast between the blue of the sky and the warm tones of the beach. This contrast is also evident in one of the models, as the yellow-striped pants and cool gems reveal the inner conflict between where one hopes to be and the current situation, and the uncertainty of being estranged from either. This uncertainty is also portrayed through the use of sunglasses on both models, obscuring their eyes from the camera and thus creating a further disconnect. The work incorporates time as well as space, revealing an experiential world that only gradually emerges as the images progress.

By Kathryn Zix
Modeled by Ben Manis
Inspired by Miles Potter and Kennedy Shine

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