Gen Z in the Phillipines

As the years progressed, the Philippine youth emerged as one to help debunk the conservative and traditional norms in the country when it comes to fashion stereotypes. Nail polish for men were the only manifestations of a non-binary lifestyle in the late 2000s, but some consider it taboo because of societal expectations. Women wear flannels and baggy pants, but are easily labeled as tomboys because people know that particular clothing is only and rightful for men.

The definition of fashion for both sexes is now being considered as non-binary, thanks to the powerful voice of today's generation. The youth today is one step closer to influencing the population to a non-binary mindset using the most powerful tool: our voice. As I belong to the Generation Z, my vision for the photo series is to influence not only the youth, but the whole audience. This needs to be shown to everyone, regardless of the viewer’s age. I bring to you a photo series that persuades breaking common stereotypes and, at the same time, a celebration of the Generation Z’s optimism towards a fashion revolution.

By Gayle Belvis

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