Providence Woods

On my street, in lieu of games, the kids often took to ritualistically walking the same sidewalk over and over until our knees hurt. I don’t remember how it started, but it soon became tradition to walk that path nearly every warm summer day.

This year, while home from college, I learned so much about my old friends while walking that same route. Recently, we retraced the same steps that we walked when we were in elementary school, telling stories and sharing secrets. It stirred something in mea unique mix of nostalgia and anticipation. While I missed the past, there was nothing left for us there. Only time will tell if our futures were as bright as they seemed in that moment, but I hold onto that feeling of hopefulness.

I created this photo series after I came to the realization that, although the setting had not changed, my childhood friends grew up. My models, Anna and Alyssa, both grew up on the same quaint street that I have. They share in these memories. We spent the shoot re-exploring places we used to play, and although things seemed different than they once were, this change was refreshing. I look forward to all the stories they’ll have to tell me when I return next year.

Modeled by Anna Metzger and Alyssa Costa
By Emily Muller

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