Red & Itchy

There it is, climbing on your already-limp shoulders, idly and purposelessly pushing and dragging you places, pungently peeking at you while you are in a satisfying state of absent-mindedness. Recognize? It’s your best trustee and worst enemyanxiety. That distinctive-looking, devious something that gazes shamelessly into your insides and forces you to question every subsequent move.

It will not wait for an invite, and nothing stops it from entering any party you are enjoying yourself at. Conflicting with it is even worse. It argues brazenly, yet without a clear purpose or aim. It is cautious enough to make you wonder whether it would be easier to give in, and amicable enough to make you believe religiously in what it argues. It scratches on your door, sneaks in and refuses to go, leaving you throwing your hands up in pure despair. While there isn’t another cure but time to the itchy, irritating feeling of anxiety, there is always a way to follow the Russian expression “paint it red and let it go", meaning make it seem amusing  and forget about itlike a silly joke.

By Alyona Baranova

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