Two Worlds

These photographs depict the collision of two binary opposing worlds. While the building is derelict and decaying, the woman is wearing elegant dresses and heels. The images of the heels against the scenery create a conflict of ideals between a world of class, glamour, and sophistication, and a world that invokes thoughts of poverty, neglect, and vandalism.

The friction between these two worlds is evident in today’s society, which I wanted to capture in the photographs. The woman’s poses suggest her frivolous and fancy-free approach to life, which clashes directly with the miserable, decaying walls. After recent findings that the nation’s poorest teenagers are 70% more likely to end up in A&E than those less deprived, I also chose to capture the photographs in an abandoned hospital, highlighting this division.

Similarly, I wanted to capture the friction between the hope and dreams held by the woman, staring out wistfully and wearing fluffy, princess-like heels, versus the hopelessness of the disheveled, abandoned building. The images also highlight the confidence of the young woman, rebelling against societal norms by skateboarding, walking along unsafe land and wandering, seemingly alone, through an empty building. This creates a resistance to the traditional ideals of a vulnerable, dependent woman by showing a strong, independent and nonconformist female, ready to create friction in society. 

By Sophie Allsop

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