These pieces come from the idea that we, as humans, exist in two worlds: the tangible exterior world and the intangible interior world. Our bodies blend these two worlds into a single experience.

When the exterior world becomes too much to bear, we can escape into our interior world and use it to persevere. The blue piece with the butterflies is about this idea; sometimes it feels like we are unraveling due to the hardships of the exterior world. But we can use these hardships as lessons to help us grow into something better. Sometimes we don't grow, and our interior worlds are scared by these hardships. When our interior worlds become too much, we tend to escape through external activities that make us feel good like sex, drugs, and alcohol.

The red piece with the birds is about this idea because all people are a little broken. We all have a love-shaped hole; we can try to fill it up with external pleasure or we could let our world shine through it.

By Miguel Trujillo

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