A Stillness

Choosing to photograph something is a form of love, admiration, and appreciation, and something overlooked by artists sometimes. It’s a moment in time frozen forever because someone thought it was beautiful enough to show other people.

I’ve been carrying around a small point-and-shoot digital camera, which has made photographing more accessible and rekindled my love for shooting anything and everything I find special. From visiting new cities, to walking down the street, to even existing in my personal space at home, there’s something new each day. Especially as an artist who is always seeking out inspiration in my surroundings, it’s impossible not to look at everything.

 “A Stillness” is a series of photographs taken on my Digicam to illustrate moments I find beautiful in my day-to-day life. This collection serves as a sort of visual love letter to my surroundings.

By Julia Fletcher

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