Bubble Blush

This photo series was governed by my desire to showcase explicitly the intimate moments, as women, that may occur before meeting a potential lover. We sometimes forget to appreciate at times the tiresome rituals, the excitement and frustration leading up to such an event. We think so critically of ourselves, yet are overwhelmed by the juxtaposition proposed by the fact that someone may see us as beautiful.

By capturing the model bathing surrounded by bubbles and blush tones, I wanted to convey the innocence and desire of young love. The model lays bare to highlight the exposure of letting someone in and displays differing emotions to reinforce this kaleidoscope of feelings that are derived from love and what seeming could be. I’ve always found solace in such moments, the time for reflection while the butterflies flutter so strong. I always know now if all is to fail, I shall find refuge in those moments once again. 

Modelled by Elle Quinn
By Vincenza Jacquest 

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