Cupid's Deluxe

I’ll start it like this, in the words of every cliche love story and romantic film.

I didn’t know love until I found you. It’s such a simple saying, but it goes much deeper than that. I knew love, but I didn’t know this love until I opened myself up to love you. What a foreign concept, huh? We know love, yet we still find love.

To me, love is idolized like in every indie teen film. You find a guy or a girl, and they make you feel like you never did before. They fall in love and they fall hard. The two fall in love with every little thing about one another and become inseparable. That was what I wanted. 

It took me a lot of strength to look past my masculinity to accept that. To love is to be vulnerable. To love is to be open and ready for whatever comes with that person.

I can say at the age of 22 I found love. I found my personal little indie film, and I don’t want to stop watching, and trust me, this film has a happy ending.

The one thing I’d say about falling in love is this: you can’t explain it. It’s like there something in the air. The electrons and particles in the air somehow attract and boom, you can’t get away; you don’t want to get away.

I love Mia Bell. She’s my girl, homie, love, light, rock, earth, wind, fire, and desire. She’s all that I want and whatever that I need. To fall in love, to be in love, is to enter the age of of Aquarius; it changes you. I can say, I’ve been changed and loved, and I’ve loved and changed. 

By Yves Esapa

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