Digital Love

Recently, I’ve become aware of how much our generation relies on technologynot only for work and entertainment, but in an emotional sense. "Digital Love" is a photo series about only seeming to fall in love when one is behind a screen. It’s a message to myself and others about becoming too attached to the images of people we create by looking at their social media. This piece subtly hints at not only being in love or obsessed with a person, but also with the technology we use every day. The entangled cords and the eerie, dimly-lit mood hint at the darker idea of being captive to the lures of technological validation and the dangers in being addicted to social media.

I wrote a poem a month ago about the way I felt attached to someone whom I met once. Afterwards, I simply saw their posts and activity online. For two weeks, I thought this might be love. The truth, however, is that the images we see flashing in front of our eyes every day, and the abbreviated, emotionless, emoji-heavy messages sent back and forth create a flat, unrealistic impression of who a person truly is. I knew this, yet I still allowed my mind and my phone screen to carry me away to false infatuation. Everything about this experience is illustrated in "Digital Love", using colored lighting, the appropriate props, and selected lines of my poem. I hope this is a new beginning for me and anyone else who can relate to this feeling of being in love with the technologically-constructed concept of a person. 

Modelled by Kaya Piekaar and Nikki Blythe
By Anova Hou


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