It's a Growing Affair

“It’s a Growing Affair” revolves around how, by building each other up, all relationships are strengthened.

Observing the relationships around me, I came to the conclusion that an ideal relationship is a healthy relationship where nobody brings anybody down, but only lifts each other up to bigger heights. After all, love isn’t love if it’s hurting you, or instead of being the cure for depression that it is, you cry yourself to sleep every night.

I know it sounds like I believe in helping your significant other grow too much, but it’s only because all the relationships that I’ve seen around me, read about, and the one that I live right now have survived only because of the uplifting-each-other quality upon which I have based my love.

One reason I made this comic is because I wanted to share with our readers what I believed made the intimate bond between two individuals stronger.

In the story, Sara helps her partner grow through stacking metaphorical building blocks. Her continued love and support pushed her partner to grow, becoming a better version of himself. Similarly, in the end, they live happily only because they keep making each other stronger throughout their lives.

Taking inspiration from my Instagram explore feed’s digital comics, I chose digital illustration to tell Sara’s story, and also because diving into new mediums is a thrilling ride and what better audience than the one of Lithium.

In just five slides, this comic teaches lovebirds a waywhich has zero cons and a million pros—to create a healthy and fulfilling relationship for themselves.

Also, I hope to lend a helping hand to the questions of those who are in a bad stage, and are struggling with defining love and its whys and hows.

By Arwa Halai

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