Love It If We Made It

When we hear the words “long distance relationship,” the first thought that enters into our mind is a couple, making their two-sided relationship work. But this isn’t the case. This is about a group of 15 friends, working through it. 

It was the 31st of May, and we were all in the dressing room doing our makeup, wearing our dresses, curling our hair, and just enjoying each other’s company, taking random photos in our disposable cameras, and laughing about how not one of us actually knew how to curl hair. It was our last official night of being together for four solid years. 

But months before that, my friends and I would always go to this burger place not far from our high school. It was a tradition. It was where we all talked about the most random things anyone could talk about. But there was this one specific topic that had all of us in tears.

It's difficult enough to know for a fact that you and your high school friends will eventually go to different colleges and universities, but it's even more difficult when that day finally comes and you have to say goodbye. 

For the past four months, our traditional after-school hangout slowly faded out, but that didn’t mean we stopped seeing each other. We made plans. We go to each others’ houses. We catch up either through chat or through video calls. Despite having distance, we still connect with each other because we love each other. 

Four months later and yet here we are, still having the best relationship anyone could have. It's easy to say that we would definitely make it.

By Chloe Taal

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