People at the Bluffs

i. that night i set my film photos on fire 
they were built of a kind of love that wasn’t ever anything 
that i thought it was 
the kind of love that you look at later like 
damn, i meant 
when i thought i meant something 
the images on those photos melted into more of nothing 
like wax figures in a carnival mirror 
ruby reds and 
emerald greens 
that i used to know 
real well 

ii. i catch the 3 to work 
get a glimpse of those old 
i thought i saw you along the way 
through those 
after school thoughts
the ones stuck in that sticky distance 
wish we could remember 
stuff in the same way 
the summer i lost 
rolled up with love and 
soft skin 
and other good stuff 

Poetry by Eva Halvax
Photos by Allison Barr

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