Would You Like to Leave a Message?

Two of my main passions in creating art are drawing inspiration and content from real people and real life, as well as revealing the vulnerability in being human. “Would You Like to Leave a Message?” is a short film revolved around accomplishing those two concepts. 

When developing an idea of what I wanted to capture when making a film, I was drawn to the authenticity and, you guessed it, vulnerability of voicemails. I think that voicemails are examples of what it means to long for someone, expressed and embodied in a permanent file. When we reach out to speak to someone over the phone, our initial hope is that they will answer. If this does not happen, the leftover emotion is captured in the voicemail.

“Would You Like to Leave a Message?” was conceptualized in hopes of taking the audio from a real-life voicemail, and visually constructing a narrative around it through video. After posting an Instagram story asking my followers to submit a prominent voicemail they had received, I came across the voicemail I used to narrate my film. It's about a boy calling a girl who he felt was slipping away. Creating this piece was so rewarding and emotional, and I hope all who watch enjoy it, too.

By Anna Maestas

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