Mother Nature

The first piece is entitled “Girl Gang.” I wanted to portray women as strong, bad-ass beings to show that girls are not weak; we are a force to be reckoned with. I aimed for a sort of spooky Powerpuff Girl kind of vibe. 

The second piece is entitled “Being Trans,” and it was a commission for a trans friend of mine. I wanted to highlight the sentiment that come with gender dysmorphia: not feeling connected with the physical sex given to you at birth. 

The third piece is untitled, but demonstrates a motif that I use often in my artwork. I use flowers growing out of a decapitated head or body to demonstrate the idea that what’s on the inside—the mind, emotions, and ideas—can show as much beauty as someone’s exterior features. 

The fourth piece is entitled “Mother Nature.” I am trying to celebrate women as a source of life. Women help the world grow. Without women, none of us would be here. Without women, none of us would blossom. 

By Maya Cardinali

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