There is meaning and optimism in Amelia’s color and fabric choices—pink being delicate, sweet, and playful, and orange a combination of passion-driven red and happy yellow. There is an intention to create a joyful atmosphere surrounding the work. Today, there isn’t much positivity around love anymore; true love is thought to only exist within movies, for example. By creating a design that portrays a female in her most feminine form, the clothing communicates that love is, or at least should be, fun and joyful. The colors are just as energetic and playful as love should be.

Amelia also injects her personality into her designs. Therefore, there is a duality in how viewers may interpret the work. The hand-painted face adorning the leather jacket could be seen as miserable, though that was not the intention—again, it came from a personal place of love, attention, and dedication. There are two sides to everything—two sides to life, and two sides to love. Darkness and light are co-dependent, and such is life.

Photos by Connor Walker 
Modeled by Amy McCranor
Designs by Amelia De Kauwe

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  1. the photos are so editorial, and not to mention the killer styling !