Intimacy is such a beautiful thing, but it’s often diluted with other emotions. There are so many ways to be intimate, whether in or out of a relationship. We often pair intimacy with sex and relationships, thus forgetting that it exists and is valuable everywhere. When we think of intimate thoughts, we think of exclusiveness and sensuality. Intimacy is those things, but it’s also more. You can be intimate with a friend or a lover. Intimacy calls for being delicate and open with one’s feelings and emotions. Intimacy calls for privacy and familiarity. It means opening your heart in an environment that makes you feel you safe. 

More specifically, intimacy is not based on gender. Men can be intimate with other men, and women can do the same. It took me a long time to learn that intimacy is not based on gender or sex. Since figuring that out, I’ve realized that intimacy is truly meant to deepen connections and allow us to love one another. 

Photos by Yves Esapa
Modeled by Thayane Pastick and Jewelia Galindo

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