eye 4 an i

In this series, I explore self-identity in the glow of another. It depicts the loss of one’s self in order to please and become more like another person, beginning with an idealized version of the other person at one’s own expense and ending with an emptiness and lack of self-actualization. Instead of examining the events leading to the deterioration of the relationship, I use my experiences as a starting point and examine the ambiguity of my emotions via variations in the same photograph of an eye.  In this way, the work can be seen as a sort of self-portrait. I employ the use of vivid colors, particularly the color red, as well as a lack of them, to show the embodiment of another individual, and eventually the loss of them. The use of reflective surfaces such as gems, mirrors, and a space suit is also used to show this manifestation. Ultimately, I aim to show my equivocal thoughts on a relationship of the past and attempt to make sense of them.

Modeled by Ava Calbreath and Bella Havens
With assistance from Johnny Luu

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