Leave Me Alone!

Constantly wrapped up in an almost suffocating desire to remain connected to the people around us, we tend to fall into the sometimes exhausting chores of incessant socialization. It’s no doubt that taking time off and postponing plans have become a guilty pleasure nowadays, due to an apparent lack of "me time." Sure, hanging out with friends and family can offer a great sense of joy and satisfaction—but there’s a certain bliss provided by solitude. We tend to value our privacy quite highly these days, not just in terms of personal safety but also for fear of being judged by the world around us. As I sit alone in my room, bitterly scrolling through an Instagram feed saturated with photos of overly happy acquaintances clinking glasses and smiling uncomfortably wide smiles, I remember that in this moment, I have something they don’t: sweet, sweet solitude!

You see, my friends, I can tear off those too-tight pants, throw on a stupidly large pair of sunglasses, and blast my favorite tunes as I perform a full-blown concert to my nonexistent audience of adoring fans. I can choreograph an intricate contemporary, jazz-infused ballet routine to the musical masterpiece that is Britney Spear’s "Toxic." I can loudly and passionately engage in a heated debate with myself over gluten and whether it really is the enemy of all mankind. I can look confidently into the invisible cameras as I narrate (with excruciating detail) all two of the steps involved in making an artisanal, organic grilled-cheese sandwich on my very own cooking show. Heck, I can even brave the closets and attempt to wear all my clothing at once. Why? Because I can! Being alone allows us to finally become the supernovas we truly are without the burdens of societal pressures. So take a break from the rest of world, and every once in a while, don’t be afraid to say those three liberating words sung by the King of Pop himself: leave me alone!

By Gayatri Chaturvedi

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