Moon River

Two powerful, goddess-like figures protect the river they named after the moon. They weave in and out of time and reality, projecting images of togetherness—taking up space but also expanding it. They aren’t entities you can touch but they can feel anything they want to. During the day they wait patiently for visitors. They read, wander, lay around, and adorn their river. 

I wrote this a while ago while, inspired by my dreams. Thus, I decided to make a mood board for a series based off of it. I wanted the camera angles to be a little intrusive, like the viewer is getting the chance to look at something intimately—like the viewer us seeing some sort of magic they’re not supposed to. I liked getting low on the ground with my camera so the models had more dominant positioning. It really makes the models look bigger and less human, allowing the viewer to feel smaller. 

Photos by Patrick Thompson
Modeled by Alaysha Sisson and Jannai Simmons

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