Inner Worlds, Outer Space

Underneath the surface of everyone’s mind, there is a variety of experiences that we know nothing about. Sometimes I watch the world around me as if it was a movie. Light changes. Sounds rise and fall. In these instances of removal, the world around me is not where I reside, but something that I am watching from a distance. 

This piece is about that distance. When I think about myself, there are vast depths that only I will ever touch. There are worlds upon worlds of ideas, thoughts, emotions, and energy that lie just behind the lens through which I watch the world. The closest I am able to get to a characterization of the inner-experiences taking place during every single moment is the word “infinite.” And that hardly does it justice. There is always an intangible something that is experienced by yourself alone. The outside of someone—the part of them we know and love—is merely their surface. 

It is believed that everything occurs within time and space, yet one can’t help but feel the immense heaviness of something beyond what is seen on the outside. The following collages include depictions of people—the way they are seen from the outside. These images, representative of a surface-level understanding of a person’s nature, are juxtaposed with imagery portraying the vastness of space in an attempt to demonstrate the contrast between the magnitude and the covertness of a person’s inner life.

When we are alone physically, or even just experiencing momentary separation from the outside world, where is it that we go? If you look at any one person closely, you might find that their inner worlds are vast, expansive, and boundless—not too different from outer space.

By Paloma Williams

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