Out of Focus

Out of Focus is a short series of self-portraits that portray the reflections that take place when I'm really, truly alone. At the time I'm writing this, the year is coming to a close, and I can't help but constantly reflect on the changes that took place over the past several months. While some of these are more physical, most of them are centered on how I've grown in self-confidence.

The thing is, when everything else is out of focus and I'm thinking more about my own progress, it's easier to recognize the things that I love about myself. I love the dark ink that lines my leg and my ribcage, the stretch marks that trace my thighs, and the dark marks that come from bouts of clumsiness. And while some of these I've loved from the minute I got them, others have taken time. So to create a sense of time, I edited the series to feature film frames, light leaks, and grain, and I hope that viewers recognize that self-love is a journey that takes time.

By Jasmine Flora

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