Vincenzo the Barber

The front entrance locked.

“Hey, can I get a haircut, please?”
“Sure, sit.”
“Thanks.” I walked around the mid-century barber chair. 
“You want the circle or straight line?” He asked, pointing to the back of my neck.
“Circle, please.” 

Two sweaty armpits, a smoke cloud's worth of talcum powder, and $15 later I was on my merry way. This was the experience I frequently had at the Italian barbershop in North Perth. The barber, Vincenzo, was patient, specific, hairy-eared, and apparently only had two different haircuts up his sleeve: the circle and the straight line.

This gentleman lived and died by his craft. I was never entirely sure of his age, but I do remember hearing he’d been in business for 50 years around 2010. In the past few years, I've seen the old herb garden outside the barbershop grow barren; more recently, I've noticed that the storefront has been replaced with something I don't care to remember. As I said, Vincenzo lived and died by his craft. So I could not imagine him closing up shop for anything other the hair from his ears obtruding his vision. I say that with love, as this was one of the many idiosyncrasies that added to Vincenzo’s charm and made me come back for the "circle" hairdo.

Here’s to Vincenzo. 

P.S. This photoshoot was taken in early 2015 and was previously unreleased.

Modeled by and Written by Cole Baxter
Photos by Jules Szoke

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