Hair Rituals: Confidence Potion

I’ve been experiencing a lot of confidence issues lately. The way I see myself affects how I show myself to the world—and when I can’t even look at my reflection, how am I supposed to go out and let people see me? For me this starts with my hair. It’s like the source of my power (Rapunzel and Samson can relate). So whenever I’m feeling insecure, I like to prepare some lotion or a hair mask to get my locks looking shiny. This doesn’t solve my problems, of course, but it does gives me the power and energy I need when trying to overcome them.

I illustrated that process as a triptych based on one of the recipes from Trotula de Salerno’s medieval cosmetic book, De Ornatu Mulierum. The ingredients shown in the second illustration (oak apples, walnuts, cabbages, oriental crocus, henna, dragon’s blood), according to the original recipe, were used to achieve shiny golden hair. Notably, these treatments were totally unharmful for the hair yet gave good results.

My intention was to mix one of the things I’m most passionate about—hair—with my personal issues and dreamy fantasies. I also find it important to give credit to women that have written interesting pieces throughout history and were not properly recognized at the time.

By Eguen Yeregui
 Modeled by Iana Garmendia