Screaming Is Healing: A Collage Series

My name's Tina Tona, and I’m a non-binary multi-medium artist living in Los Angeles. In these collages, I made a point to only use black femmes as subjects and give them the power to vocalize their radical ideas. The first collage is about the power of black femininity and our demand to be respected in activist spaces. Notably, her speech bubble also features an excerpt from Solange's “Tina Taught Me" which explains and celebrates blackness. 

The second collage is specifically about my experience navigating predominantly white spaces, and the power I feel knowing that most of the people I encounter have negative preconceived notions about me. 

The last collage is intended to be my most aggressive, as evidenced by the use of red, the faceless image of Muhammad Ali preparing for a fight, and the resonating image of a black femme activist screaming. 

I want this series to articulate how unapologetic I am regarding my blackness, being vocal about my marginalization, and the power in intruding spaces where my identity isn’t valued.

By Tina Tona


  1. These are amazing, I am completely blown away by the intricacy of it all. Love your work and what you stand for.

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