The Girl in the Mirror

As a new year is born, a familiar shape illuminates my mirror: a girl who is almost a woman. I watch her take shape as she graces the earth around her. Life is an influx of moments, but in the early months of the year we may take a brief pause to start anew. A brand new year. New opportunities, new ideas, and fresh new starts. 2019, the year of me. The photos and ideas present in this collage series are about self-love and empowerment. As Donte Collins once said, “Self-love is self-taught.” The wondrous journey of self-love is what this whole thing is about. That’s what this new beginning has meant for me.

The choice to grow amidst hardships, to walk through life with an air of passion and love, is the closest I’ve come to the notion of empowerment. And that’s what I hope to share—women loving themselves.

There is something beautiful about the notion that we have the choice in every moment to create the life that we want. So here’s to choosing. As the first month of the new year comes to an end, that’s my takeaway: choosing. Choosing the girl in the mirror. Choosing her on the good days, the days when she is magical and powerful. Most of all, choosing her when she makes mistakes. And choosing her when the entire world seems to turn her away.

By Paloma Williams

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