Notes from Someone with an Addictive Personality

Merriam Webster defines vice as “a moral depravity or corruption,” a “moral fault or failing,” or “a habitual and usually trivial defect or shortcoming: foible,” giving the example of “sexual immorality.” Other notable vices are alcohol, smoking, gambling, and drugs. All of these examples are extreme in nature, and, in excess, morally condemned by our current culture. However, the vices I am afflicted by are a far cry from the traditional associations with the word.

I have an addictive personality; I can make anything into a vice. Sugary cereal, a person I have a crush on, TLC Four Weddings marathonsyou name it and I will engage with it to the point of obsession. I tried to shed humor on my situation through this comic, utilizing the idea that my ability to turn anything into a vice could be considered a "superpower." In addition, because my vices are untraditional in nature, I wanted to use a bright, sunny color palette for this illustration, as most associations with vices are depicted in moody, dark colors. I hope the illustration serves as a sort of comic relief from the inherent seriousness of having a vice without negating the suffering that having an addictive personality brings me.

By Courtney Cook

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