Indulge is about the fascination humans have with their own appearance. There is a certain guilty, curious pleasure that exists in knowing others are admiring us and when we are admiring ourselves. A mirror can sometimes seem like a mystery to indulge in; it is the only way we can see how we appear to others. Yet the reflected, two-dimensional depiction is not accurate in showing how we actually look. This was a fascinating concept for me as I realized the amount of time that we put into our appearances despite the fact that we never truly see ourselves from the perspective of others. It can sometimes seem like a trap; once started, the ability to stop analyzing appearance is not easily obtained. The result is spending an immense amount of time on perfecting, analyzing, and observing our appearances.

I chose to use couture pieces by Romina Dorigo to illustrate the sensation of extravagance felt when being admired. A male model, mirror, stylist, garments, and props communicate the scene of self-indulgence and guilty pleasures.The use of a prism reflects that these ideas often live inside the mind and are fabricated, temporary pleasures.

Photos by Anova Hou
Wardrobe by Romina Dorigo
Modeled by Kobi Alleyne

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  1. reading the words "two-dimensional depiction" was so eye-opening, and the concept of this piece was so well executed! the photos are so elegant