This series depicts a person who is so toxic that she became half-snake. This toxicity comes from jealousy, which is one of the vices condemned by many religions. I portrayed this person as powerful, because I believe that envy is not bad itself. Feelings are not necessarily good or bad; what matters is what you do with them. Here, the half-snake has assumed her toxicity and used her problems as a source of eerie empowerment.

This series is also related to the concept of the ego. I feel like nowadays praising the ego is pretty common, especially among millennials and the next generation. This might seem harmful, but it doesn’t have to be. As I said before, what matters are a person’s tangible decisions and actions. You can be conventionally bad, but accepting and knowing that can actually make you stronger: knowing who you are means being able to better manage difficult situations, for instance.

By Megane Mercury
Modeled by Patricia Sánchez
Makeup by Antoni Tormo
Nails by Sykaly

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