Girl to Woman

Girl to Woman captures seven different female bedrooms, aiming to reflect how a girl constructs her bedroom—exploring not only the rooms’ femininity, but how the girls' passions, experiences, and aspirations shine through within the four walls.

I was deeply inspired by photographers Petra Collins and Chloe Sheppard and writer Siân Lincoln, all of whom have used personal space to analyze growth, youth, and womanhood. With this project being focused on females approaching their twenties, I knew it would be important to involve myself in the project, as well as half a dozen other girls to give the project diversity.

Shooting on 35mm film was crucial, as I really wanted to connect with each girl personally. I knew that by condensing the number of images shot, I would have to slow down and really consider what I wanted to show. 

By Sophie Allsop

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  1. This is so wonderful! I love it... thank you Sophie <3