Glitter Boobs: Gilded or Good?

I think it’s incredibly unfair that women and men’s nipples are treated differently. The images I created are in conversation with rule-breaking, as women's breasts and nipples are considered very taboo. In these photos, I emphatically draw attention to the model's breasts through glitter and paint.

The glitter-boob trend is very popular among social media influencers right now, especially at music festivals. It is an outlet for creativity, but many don’t realize that it goes beyond that. To this day, women are constantly shamed over their bodies. Meanwhile, men are permitted to be shirtless in public. Even partial female nudity can provoke claims of promiscuity or being too attention-seeking. So why is it that if a woman wears fake nipples or covers them up with glitter, it is more okay?

By Riley Gunderson

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